Hello dear visitors of the site! On pages of our edition the information of different character will be collected: pigeon fans stories , the interesting histories connected with pigeons, scientific articles, opinions of professionals, will rise debatable questions where everyone can express the opinion! Practically in each country of globe there are fans of these fine birds! And how many breeds of pigeons exist, all to not re-read! Mission of our edition is association fans of pigeons, irrespective of age, the social status or the country in which live! All of us one unites, love to a bird, which name the Pigeon! You tell what pigeons be engaged? What at them flying qualities? The Ex-terrier? Share the experience! What you interesting know about favorite breed? I call for cooperation of everyone who is excited with this theme! Fans of Russia and from other countries! Magazines will be collected from materials sent fans of pigeons not only Russia, but also fans of pigeons of all continents of the world. Ask questions, give advice. Write stories, clauses, sketches. Send the photos and the pupils. The general forces we shall create volumetric substantial magazine, for us - fans of pigeons which will meet our requirements. Can justify our expectations, satisfy curiosity, give the information which we have despaired to receive from other sources, and will solve our problems. I hope, that with rich international experience fans of pigeons many countries, our knowledge will replenish, the outlook and representation about pigeons and fans of pigeons, far living from each other will extend. All of us are united with love to these fine birds which are a symbol of the world. I wish you pleasure and the world in your house! We wait for your letters, responses and offers! With the best regards, edition of magazine " Pigeons of the South of Russia"







  Our address: 357203 Russia, Stavropol Territory, city: Mineral Waters, street: Poсhtovaja, house: 13, Edition of magazine " Pigeons of the South of Russia "
The Editor of magazine: Chehlatov Nikolay
The founder: Kishov Ivan
Authors: Fans of the pigeons from all continents of the world.


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